About Brett Malone


Artist's statement & vision:

      I was born in New Orleans in 1968 and raised in Plain Dealing, Louisiana.

      From a very early age, my parents supported my creative energies by sacrificing and providing me art instructions through my formative years. After going off to college and graduate school, I did not paint for 15 years, but focused on developing my career in human services. After the murder of my mother in December of 2000, I moved to California and began to paint again - as a means of helping to heal my own grief, pain, and traumas experienced to that point. Painting - quite literally - saved my life. Once I began creating again, I found I couldn't stop. The joy and sorrows I was experiencing would now be transformed into vibrant colors and sharply contrasting images.

       I found great pleasure upon my "discovery" of Victor Vasarely (the patron saint of Op-Art), which freed me to push myself to utilize more geometric images - subjective - non-representational - abstractions that touched on emotions when words were inadequate. More recently, I've found myself influenced greatly by    "hard edge" painters - mainly Carmen Herrera, Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly and others who were evolving     from the abstract expressionism period in the US in the 1950s and 1960s up to present day.

       In October of 2013, I was seriously injured in an auto accident (hit by a drunk driver). That accident was one of the most physically and emotionally painful experiences in my life. It was during the recovery period after that wreck and subsequent surgeries and therapies that I again turned to painting to help me heal and to manage the pain I was experiencing (ergo, "Pain Management" and "Pain Relief" series). I'm a firm believer in the healing quality of the creative spirit that all humans possess. A good friend of mine who is a very talented artist and licensed Art Therapist (Rebecca Thomas, PhD) continues to challenge me to learn and grow through her support and encouragement for me to get into the "flow" - where healing happens (Thanks Rebecca!).       

        I believe, however, that the greatest influence I've had as an artist came from my maternal grandmother, Raye Shaver ("Mimi") who was a supremely talented traditional quilter in rural northwest Louisiana. Her understanding of colors, geometry, and balance/composition left an indelible mark on my artistic development.  It was through her quilting (which was very much so meditative and prayer-like at times), that I discovered ways of using my creative talents to express my own innermost thoughts and emotions - to find my own ways of "centering" and staying "grounded" in life.  I'm very grateful for the support I've had from both friends and acquaintances who continue to be my teachers and mentors. I hope that my artistic creations evoke in YOU a sense of wonder - peace - and joyful exuberance!

Thanks for taking the time to look over my body of works!

Group Exhibitions:

          May 2018       --  Downtown ArtWalk - at RJ's on Commerce - Shreveport.

          Spring 2017    – Collectors Studio Tours produced by SRAC (4/8-4/9/2017)

          Spring 2017    – "Critical Mass 5" regional exhibition and competition produced by SRAC (4/6/2017)

          Spring 2017    – Downtown ArtWalk - at Minicine? (4/5/2017)

          Spring 2017    – #UnCommonMurals  – giant murals project produced by the Shreveport Regional Arts                                      Council.   (SRAC - 4/1/2017) "Mandala Parade"

          Winter 2016    – Wyatt & Willis Designs – grand opening in Shreveport, LA.

          Autumn 2016  – “Umbrella Challenge” at The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA

          Spring 2016    – “Iris Challenge” at The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA

          Spring 2015    – “Critical Mass 3” at ArtSpace in Shreveport, LA - produced by SRAC

          Summer 2012 – Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, LA

                                 “Emerging Artists Show 2012”


Solo Exhibit(s):

          Summer 2013 – P.O.R.N.: Selected Works (Post-Op-Retro-Nouveau)

                              at Meadows Museum at Centenary College in Shreveport, LA



          2016-present – Wyatt & Willis Designs in Shreveport, LA

          2016-present – The Agora Borealis in Shreveport, LA

          2016 – The Artist Collective in Shreveport, LA

          2014 – space:interiors – “Pop-Up” gallery in Shreveport, LA


Juried Artist for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council since 2013


         1989 - B.A. - East Texas Baptist University - Behavioral Sciences

         1995 - M.A. - Stephen F. Austin State University - Psychology

Brett Malone currently lives and creates in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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